Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 09

Kensuke: Asuka sure seems popular with all these people who don't know what a pain she is.

Asuka: Quiet, nerd boy, and let me bask in popularity before my ignominious crumble into misery! Hi, Rei! Let's be great friends!

Rei: My quiet, efficient personality clashes with yours.

Asuka: Great! Let's be bitter enemies!

Kaji: Meanwhile, let's pretend there's nothing between me and Misato.

Misato: Right. Nothing at all.

Ritsuko: Would you two shut up and prepare for this Angel?

Shinji: I'll fight it, since Asuka's a rookie and doesn't know how to fight.

Asuka: DIIIIEEEE! There, it's gone. Shows what you know.

Israfel: Actually, we just kicked your butt. Shows what you know.

Misato: Look kids, we've got 17 more episodes to go. This is going to be a really boring series if you lose now and we all die.

Ritsuko: Luckily, we've come up with a choreographed battle routine that not only will make you better fighters but will also fulfill this episode's zaniness quotient. Especially since you two have to live together!

Misato: Hey! Hurry up and do your choreography right! Remember, we only have 25 minutes for crisis, resolution and denoument!

Asuka: *beep boop BLAAAT!* This is all Shinji's fault! Shinji, you suck!

Rei: *beep boop bip* Actually, Asuka, you suck.

Asuka: Yeah, well... um... yo' mama! I think I'll go lay in Shinji's bed for a while.

Shinji: Mmm... cleavage. Guh huh.... Me kiss pretty girl.

Israfel: Hey, remember us? We're back! Wasn't it nice of us to remain inert long enough for you guys to get your act together?

Shinji and Asuka: We are Eva Flatley, Lord of the Dance! Fear our mighty synchronized choreography of death! Taste the cold embrace of the abyss as we kick booty in perfect time to an orchestra!

Israfel: Alright, alright, enough already. We'll die, just make the Riverdancing stop :(

Misato: Wow, what an embarrassing conclusion to a great fight. We've reached "Thundercats" levels of denoument hilarity.

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