Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 10

Asuka: Hey Kaji, look at how sexy I am!

Kaji: I hope you'll understand if I avert my eyes, Ms. Jailbait.

Asuka: Oh, pooh, you're shattering all those stereotypes about Japanese salarymen.

Misato: By the way, Shinji and Asuka, since we want to avoid Evangelion becoming too much of a slapstick teen humor series, you're not allowed to go on the school trip.

Asuka: Darn. Oh well, maybe I'll just amuse myself by keeping Shinji from developing a friendship with Rei.

Shinji: Guh huh... bikini... huh huh... thermal expansion. Hmm, this is getting pretty slapstick teen humor-ish anyway.

Gendo: And now for something completely different: Angel fishing.

Asuka: Ahhhh! My Eva looks fat! I could do without this kind of slapstick teen humor!

Kaji: Hello, I'm Secret Agent Man. Take notes, kids, this might be foreshadowing.

Misato: OK, here's the plan. We have to catch a live Angel in a volcano. If we fail, Shinji's father will drop nuclear bombs on us.

Sandalphon: Oh, this is great, just great. You just get into the lava bath when along comes some schmuck in a big fat robot to capture you. I hate that.

Asuka: Well, that was easy.

Sandalphon: Have you ever noticed that whenever you say that, things get a lot worse?

Asuka: I was never trained for volcanic combat! Luckily something we discussed earlier in a totally unrelated context is precisely what I need to survive here!

Sandalphon: What? Thermal expansion? Curse the efficiency of the Japanese school system!

Asuka: Oops, too bad I'm falling into the core of the volcano now. I didn't even last five episodes.

Shinji: Hey, you can't die until the movie!

Asuka: You suck! Oops, I mean, thanks! Since you were so kind as to save my life, I'll let you listen to me and Misato talk candidly about our bodies.

Shinji: Guh huh... smooth skin... huh huh... thermal expansion... geh heh heh....

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