Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 11

Misato: Well, this episode is off to a dull start.

Ritsuko: Shh, just enjoy our homey slice of life before this week's crisis. Did you know our entire city is run by NERV's computers?

Misato: Wow, so if something bad happened to NERV HQ, the whole city would be vulnerable? Good thing nothing bad could ever happen to our perfect defense!

Kaji: It would be really bad if something bad happened while we were in an elevator together, eh, Misato?

Shinji: Hey, weird. A power outage.

Matarael: Hello, I'll be this week's Angel. I hope I'm not dropping in at a bad time.

Gendo: Curses, what ill luck. I must maintain my calm, methodical composure despite this massive crisis.

Asuka: This would be a great time for us to practice our NERV drill skills and and have lots of wacky character interaction that helps sketch details into our flat personalities!

Shinji: Oh, OK. I'll whine and complain about my dad and how I hate everything.

Rei: I prefer to have a flat personality. And we can't be too wacky - we had too much of that last episode.

Asuka: Alright, then let me comically promote myself as a natural leader despite my incompetence, and then we can go kick the Angel's butt!

Gendo: Luckily the Evas can run on gasoline... sad to say, they still get better mileage than most American cars.

Matarael: Spider man, spider man, doing the things a spider can. Here, have some high-concentration acid.

Asuka: OK, but please accept my gift of high-velocity railgun slugs in return.

Matarael: Hey, thanks! D'oh! That hurt.

Shinji: You know, fitting the 30-minute episode format sure does make for some short fights after all that buildup.

Kaji: Misato, the only thing worse than being stuck in an elevator with me would be if we were caught in a compromising position when the power came back.... Oops.

Shinji: You know, we've been killing Angels for no particular reason for 11 episodes now. I wonder why we have to.

Asuka: Shut up, Shinji! You suck. What, you want this show to get bogged down in moralistic and metaphysical nonsense or something?

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