Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 12

Misato: I was traumatized as a child. Of course, since the motives of anime characters' lives can be traced back to a single clearly-defined event, that trauma is my sole motivation in life.

Kensuke: Is that why you got promoted? Because you're driven by this event?

Misato: Shh, mum's the word. That has to stay a mystery, or else Episodes 25 and 26 will be really short.

Asuka: Hmmph, if Shinji keeps doing better than me as a pilot, he's going to have a trauma.

Shinji: My indifference is only skin deep. Down inside, I'm weeping.

Kaji: She'll be even more jealous when I come to Misato's party with Rei and Ritsuko.

Misato: I am not jealous! ...oh, you meant Asuka.

Shinji: You know, I don't understand people, Misato.

Misato: Don't feel bad, Shinji. Sure, you suck, but so does everyone in this series.

Gendo: Except me, of course. Dance, puppets, dance! Meawhile, I shall putter about in Antarctica doing mysterious things that will be important later.

Sahaquiel: And while the boss is away, I think I'll poop explosive Angel droppings onto Japan from orbit.

Misato: Stupid Angels, you killed my dad! Well, now's my chance to repay you for my aformentioned childhood trauma.

Ritsuko: Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred.

Misato: Who, me? Never. Shinji, Asuka, Rei, go risk your lives for my vendetta.

Shinji: OK, but only if you buy us steak.

Sahaquiel: Has anyone noticed I look like I'm trying to give you a big hug?

Rei: Like, let's catch it, and stuff.

Shinji: I caught it! Hey, isn't it weird how before it was dropping little Angel chunks, but this time the whole Angel itself fell?

Sahaquiel: Don't be so logical. And at least gimme a big hug before I die.

Gendo: Good catch, Shinji. You don't completely suck.

Shinji: Wow, a minor, insignificant compliment? I think I'll fixate on that for the rest of the series.

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