Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 13

Ritsuko: My mother was instrumental in the creation of the Magi computers that are utterly vital to the continued operation of NERV.

Misato: I've noticed that whenever someone mentions a detail of the series' backstory, it becomes a crucial element of the episode ahead.

Shinji: The real question to be answered: is our piloting Evas in the buff a crucial plot element or just comic relief?

Iruel: Neither, suck-boy, it's just a setup for my arrival!

Ritsuko: Hurry, get the Evas and pilots out of here!

Asuka: It would have been handy if you had sent away the Evas and pilots together.

Misato: Let's get away from the Pribnow Box.... err, whatever that is.

Ritsuko: We'll just have to beat the Angel without the Evas.

Misato: That means the bridge crew is going to shout a lot of techie jargon in lieu of real action, right?

Ritsuko: Yes, but I get to pontificate on the back-story elements I mentioned earlier.

Misato: Oh, well, who can complain about that?

Iruel: Maybe the audience, who doesn't have as much patience as you for pretending there's a real crisis?

Gendo: You take care of the Angel. Meanwhile, I will thicken the plot by pretending the Angel doesn't exist.

Ritsuko: Hey, since this Angel is an alien (or so we've led you to believe), maybe we can hack a virus into it like in Independence Day.

Misato: I'll go grab my PowerBook.

Ritsuko: Did I mention that my mother worked on the Magi supercomputers that the Angel is trying to commandeer?

Iruel: Trying? And succeeding, I'd say.

Ritsuko: Except you forgot to account for my miraculous save at the last possible minute.

Iruel: Aw, nuts. I failed to take over a tiny portion of the computers, so I'm going to disappear completely for no clearly discernable reason.

Ritsuko: Now that the Angel's gone, I can babble some symbolic dialogue concerning my mother which will foreshadow events later in the series.

Asuka: Waaaah! We're still naked!

Shinji: So, it's comic relief after all.

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