Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 15

Gendo: Everything is going according to plan. I am the master of puppets. No one can outmanipulate me.

Kaji: That Ikari guy sure is manipulative. I think I'll tell the Japanese government about it.

Asuka: But Kaji, wouldn't you rather go out with me? Sure, you might get arrested, but wouldn't a chance to spend time with a wonderful girl like me make it worthwhile?

Shinji: OK, you go ahead and romanticize Kaji... Meanwhile, I think I'll lapse into a state of acute catatonia in fear of talking to my father.

Rei: And I'll remind you of your mother. So, Shinji... enjoy being totally screwed up?

Shinji: OK, come on, it's perfectly normal for someone to fixate on every little nuance of his relationship with his father, building it into a personal religion and shaping their self-esteem around it... isn't it?

Misato: Sure, just like living in denial of undying attraction for a poorly-groomed double agent is normal.

Gendo: Shinji, it's been a long time since your mom bit the dust, and I almost feel like opening up to you. Hmmm... nah. See ya, my helicopter's here.

Shinji: My only solace is music.

Asuka: Or perhaps the touch of my full, inviting, lucious, feminine, beautiful, firm lips.

Shinji: Guh huh huh.... that works too. *slobber*

Asuka: I changed my mind. You're disgusting, and Kaji's the only man I wanna smooch.

Kaji: Sorry, I watched Misato puke in an alley and shout at me with drunken candor, so now I want to do the nasty with her.

Asuka: Yeah, well.... uh.... Shinji, you suck!

Rei: Don't mind me, I'm just doing enigmatic things as per the enigmatic script.

Misato: Hey Kaji, thanks for watching me barf last night. Now stop sneaking around at NERV or I'll blow your freakin' head off.

Kaji: OK, but be sure to check out this shocking plot point first! NERV possesses their own Angel!

Misato: It's my own personal Jesus!

Kaji: No, it's Adam. You know, like the first human.

Misato: Sorry, I'm getting my religious symbolism mixed up. The crucifix threw me for a loop.

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