Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 16

Asuka: Don't mind my petty comments. It's not like I'm jealous that Kaji has fallen for his ex-flame, who happens to be about 15 years closer to his age than me.

Misato: Shinji, you rock.

Asuka: And I'm certainly not jealous that Shinji is actually becoming the best of the Eva pilots.

Shinji: I suppose it would be too much to ask to allow me to enjoy one moment of unfettered good cheer, huh?

Asuka: Shut up! You suck! And even little kids on the bus mock you.

Shinji: Oh yeah? Well I'm the best pilot! And I'll prove it by being swallowed into another universe by this Angel. YEARGH!

Leliel: Yum, Eva pilots. My favorite.

Ritsuko: Wow, that was predictab... er, tragic. So, he's got 16 hours of life support.

Misato: Lucky for him these are only 25-minute episodes.

Asuka: What a maroon!

Rei: Stopping dissing Shinji, or I might be forced to express an emotion.

Leliel: Hey, while you guys sort this out I'll just do like Angels always do and remain totally inert until you resolve the crisis.

Shinji: I'm cold and bored and stuck inside an Angel. I think I'll hallucinate for a while.

Ritsuko: This looks bad, Misato. But we just might be able to use more meaningless techie jargon to rescue Unit-01. Er, I mean, to rescue Shinji.

Little Shinji: Hi Shinji, I'm you. But I'm not you; I'm only sort of you. I'm the you that exists in your mind when you hallucinate in the belly of an Angel. Let's probe the recesses of your soul, eh?

Shinji: Well, I'm depressed a lot. And I hate my dad but also worship him. Also, I don't like myself.

Little Shinji: Wow, it really sucks to be us.

Ritsuko: Well, Shinji's still trapped. Let's nuke the Angel and see if we can piece together all the leftover Shinji chunks.

Yui: Hi Shinji, I'm a hallucination of your mom, floating naked through your imagination to add to your Oedipal complex and say cryptic things.

Unit-01: That's my cue. GWARRR! RIP! TEAR! DESTROY!

Leliel: That dramatic music! I think it means I'm about to get my butt kicked! Argh.

Shinji: Wow, saved again by an inexplicable act of my Eva! I'm the luckiest boy in the whole world... well, except the part about my life sucking.

Rei: Don't mind me, Ikari. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that I say the same cryptic things as your mother.

Shinji: Hmmm, we're being beaten over the head with foreshadowing. I bet that means things are going to be a lot more cheerful and lighthearted from now on as all these mysteries are resolved clearly.

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