Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 18

Shinji: Where's Asuka?

Misato: Oh, she's a little upset about the Fourth Child. She's upset about who it is. You see, the Fourth Child is... that is to say, the person who will be piloting Unit-03... I mean, the next Eva pilot... the person's name... I don't know how to say this, but... well, the truth is.... you see, it's hard to explain this, but...

Kensuke: Pardon my conveniently timed comical interjection, but I wanna be the Fourth Child!

Shinji: So the Fourth Child isn't Kensuke. I wonder who it could be. And why on earth is Toji so down lately? It's almost like he's bearing a heavy secret emotional burden that he fears to discuss. Oh well, whatever, never mind.

Ritsuko:: Misato, about that Fourth Child... he said he'd only be a pilot if we helped his hospitalized sister.

Rei: I know your secret, Toji. In fact, only Shinji doesn't know about this mysterious fact that clouds your heart. Oh, the tragedy.

Hikari: Toji's talking to Rei? Maybe he likes her, and not me! Oh, the tragedy. I was so looking forward to our future together.

Toji: I feel suddenly guilty for hitting Shinji because he was an Eva pilot.

Shinji: Where's Toji? And who's the pilot of Unit-03?

Asuka: It's a secret to everybody.

Hikari: Toji sure is swell. Can't wait until I see him tomorrow. La la la... tee hee.

Misato: OK, let's check out Unit-03. Hmmm... I don't think it's supposed to explode like that.

Bardiel: I used to be Unit-03. Now I have returned from the Dark World and am now RED UNIT-03. But my friends call me Bardiel.

Gendo: Puppets, stop that Angel.

Rei: Yessir. GACK!

Gendo: Rei, you suck. Just for that, I'm blowing off your arm. Asuka?

Asuka: Just a sec, I wanna tell Shinji the name of the pilot of Unit-03 -- GACK!

Bardiel: Hi, Shinji. Your turn!

Gendo: Shinji, kill.

Shinji: But there's a boy in there! A boy like me! Or like Toji!

Gendo: Shinji, you suck. Unit-01, kill.

Unit-01: Kill!

Bardiel: Ow! Hey, can't we talk this over? I mean, you don't really need to tear me into bloody shreds, ya know.

Unit-01: No! Kill! Kill pilot too!

Misato: By the way, Shinji, the pilot of Unit-03 was....

Shinji: Hey, that crippled, lifeless body looks like Toji. No way! I never would have guessed!

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