Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 20

Ritsuko:: Oh no! Unit-01 has gone nuts and has broken its restraints! Now we have no control over it!

SEELE: Curses, Ikari has betrayed us and now Unit-01 is out of our control!

Misato: Thank goodness we were able to return Unit-01 to its cage despite its being the most powerful rogue weapon on the planet.

Kaji: Bummer about Units 00 and 02 being out of commission and Shinji having dissolved inside of Unit-01, eh, Ikari?

Gendo: What, me worry?

Rei: Hmmm, I'm still not dead. I guess I haven't been listening to enough Marilyn Manson lately.

Asuka: So what if Shinji may be dead? He outperformed me in battle! I'm still obsessing over that!

Misato: So, Ritsuko:, can Shinji be saved from the Eva?

Ritsuko:: I'd like to give you a straight answer, but then this episode would be too short. So here's some technical jargon instead: LCL, ego borderline, soul, primordial soup.

Misato: Wow, that's so pretentious it just might make a good substitute for actual dramatic tension!

Shinji: Hey, look, my soul is floating around in the Eva! I guess this doesn't qualify as Asimov-calibre science fiction anymore. By the way, I hate my father.

Rei: But your father is so lovable.

Shinji: No, he sucks!

Gendo: No, Shinji, you suck. You're my sucky little pawn.

Shinji: My father even hates me in my disembodied hallucinations! But it's because I saw Eva as a kid and then ran away! ...or something.

Rei: Hey Shinji, I'm going to interrogate you some more. Question one: why do you suck?

Shinji: Because I'm a loser and people only like me because I pilot an Eva.

Rei: Does that mean you want to become one with me?

Misato: To be of one mind and body?

Asuka: We're not wearing any clothes.

Ritsuko:: And I'm pressing buttons wildly in a valiant effort to save you! Ah! Destrudo! Ego borderline! LCL! Noooo! Radiate wave patterns! Reverse the Tangent Graph! Make up any jargon necessary to rescue that boy!

Yui: Hey Shinji, let's hang out in the Eva for a while. You know you wanna.

Misato: No, Shinji! You have to come back to us!

Unit-01: Here ya go, have some fresh-squeezed Shinji Juice.

Misato: Curse your science, Ritsuko:! All your fancy-schmancy jargon still didn't help Shinji!

Shinji: Misato, only love can make me real. I'm your little Velveteen Rabbit. *PLOP*

Kaji: Speaking of love, I've got some lovin' to do, Misato. Let's knock boots and I'll tell you something cryptic.

Misato: Mmm, mysterious foreshadowing turns me on, baby.

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