Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 21

Fuyutsuki: So, suddenly I'm the focus. Does that mean I get to have a personality now?

SEELE: No, it just means you're going to flesh out the backstory for us.

Fuyutsuki: Let's flash back to when I had the hots for Yui Ikari.

Young Yui: I enjoy working for you, Professor Fuyutsuki, but I have a hopeless attraction to evil bastards.

Young Gendo: Hello, I'm an evil bastard.

Giant of Light: You think you're bad? I just wiped out the world.

Fuyutsuki: Another fine mess you've gotten us into, Gendo. I've got dirty info on you! I'm calling Woodward and Bernstein!

Young Gendo: Look, I may have covered up my involvement with the event that killed half of humanity, but I'm really a nice guy. Join me, Fuyutsuki, and together we can rule the galaxy as, um, professor and husband-of-former student!

Fuyutsuki: Don't you mean, widower-of-former student?

Naoko: Hooray! Yui's dead! Now I can satisfy my hopeless attraction to evil bastards!

Young Rei: Pardon me, but Commander Ikari says you suck.

Naoko: How dare you! Die! Oops, guess I got carried away. Oh well, two wrongs make a right! *splat*

Young Gendo: Pity about Naoko. Her daughter's kinda cute, though... and just about legal, too.

Misato: What? The man I'm in love with kidnapped a man who works for an organization I barely trust? Ooh! How dare he?

Kaji: Hey, there. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Gun: Bang!

Misato: Suddenly I feel depressed.

Kaji: "Katsuragi, it's me. You're probably listening to this after someone, presumably you, killed me. I left this message to remind you that if I wasn't wormfood, I'd be telling you I love you."

Shinji: Misato seems kinda sad. I'd reach out to her as a fellow human in need of love, but I'd much rather wallow in my own meaningless self-pity. I suck.

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