Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 22

Asuka: Now I see that my life's hardships can all be traced back to a single event. Psychoanalysis is so easy when you're an anime character.

Ritsuko: Asuka, your skills are really slipping. How can you be a useful tool for us when you're busy moping about your insane suicidal mother?

Misato: Don't feel bad, Asuka. I can trace all my neuroses and motivations back to a single event too. Let's bond!

Asuka: No thanks, it's more fun to stew in bitterness and hatred by myself.

Shinji: It's going to be really tough to resolve all these plot and character threads by the end of the series. But I'm sure we'll do fine, right, Asuka?

Asuka: I said, it's more fun to be depressed by myself! Go away! I hate you, Shinji!

Rei: Even though you despise me for the fact that I coincidentally resemble your psychotic mother's favorite toy, I would like to help you.

Asuka: Darn, now I'm not depressed, just mad. I hate you, Rei!

Kensuke: Wow, this is getting kinda... pathetic.

Asuka: Oh! But an Angel's coming! I can be cool again!

Misato: Sorry, Asuka, but you've turned into a real loser. We're sending Rei instead.

Asuka: Heck no! I rock! I hate you, Misato! Eat burning plasma, space Angel!


Asuka: Argh! I hate you, Handel!

Arael: I've been reading Freud, so I can tap into your subconscious mind. Isn't it amazing how much Entry Plugs look like cigars? You know what that means! And whats this LCL stuff? It's like a womb! HALLELUJAH!

Asuka: Argh! I hate you, Freud!

Arael: You suck, Asuka! Even your mom thought so - of course, she was a few pickets short of a full fence... HALLELUJAH!

Asuka: Argh! I hate you, insightful flashbacks!

Gendo: Hmm, my pawn is going nuts. Not that I care, but this would be a good opportunity to manipulate events and simultaneously introduce yet another mysterious plot thread. Rei! Get the Lance of Longinus!

Asuka: No! Don't let that puppet save me! And certainly not with another stupid religious symbol!

Rei: Too late. Tee hee.

Arael: HALLE---crap!

Shinji: Asuka! I'm glad you didn't get clobbered like the pathetic loser you are!

Asuka: Hey, didn't you hear me earlier? I hate you! And Rei! And everything! And on top of that, my Tamagotchi just died. Waaaah!

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