Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 23

Asuka: Everything sucks. No wait... I suck.

Hikari: That's not true, Asuka! You have a lot of good features, like, um... well, y'know... lots of 'em.

SEELE: Ikari, are you jerking us around by throwing away our valuable biblical symbols?

Gendo: Heavens to Mergatroid, of course not!

Armisael: Wow, only a few more episodes left. I'd better hurry and make my entrance.

Asuka: Maybe I can win! No, wait, I suck.

Rei: Stop, Angel, in the name of love.

Armisael: You've got moxy, kid - let's get to know one another better. FU-SI-ON! Oops, wrong anime.

Shinji: Rei, I'll help you!

Armisael: You've got moxy, too. Come join us!

Rei: No! You can't have Shinji. I'm the one with a weird Oedipal attraction to him. I want him!

Unit-00: Darn, I hate Blue Magic... sigh. *casts Exploder*

Shinji: Oh no, Rei's toast.... At least things can't get any worse.

Rei: I'm not dead yet! I think I'll take a walk! I feel happy! ...well, in an emotionless sort of way.

Ritsuko:: I've been kidnapped by SEELE! I hope Gendo's a bad enough dude to rescue me.

SEELE: Actually, he sent you here. By the way, everything you know is a lie. And Gendo likes Rei more than you.

Ritsuko:: RAGE.

Misato: Wow, Rei's alive, Asuka's not living in my apartment, I've made peace with Kaji's death... maybe we'll have a happy ending after all.

Ritsuko:: Yeah, well, we could... except for the fact that Rei is a soulless clone!

Shinji: Naked Reis everywhere I look... it's like a creepy fanboy's dream come true.

Ritsuko:: Yeah, well, it would be... except for the fact that I just hit the "little bloody Rei chunks" button on this gizmo.

Rei Clones: AIEEE.

Ritsuko:: This clone business is somehow related to the Angels and Evas, but good luck trying to make sense of my deranged babbling and ranting.

Misato: Ritsuko, you su-- well, you know the drill.

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