Thumbnail Theatre: Ghost in the Shell

Kusanagi: I am a naked woman. This is the best anime ever.

Kusanagi: Naked women kick butt! Even diplomats aren't immune to naked women! *blows up diplomat*

Kusanagi: Opening credits? Who cares about those! I'm naked!

Aramaki: Now we must stop the cyber-hacker.

Batou: I think we skipped a few chapters here. Can we have some character development first?

Aramaki: Character development is for wimps and manga! Hurry and chase the trash man so we can get to the action sequence! That's what the audience is here to see anyway.

Batou: In the future, trash men don't go on strike, they launch first strikes. We must stop this vaguely-explained menace before it is too late!

Kusanagi: Wait, let me take off my clothes first.

Batou: Sorry, criminal, but you have always been... a puppet.

Kusanagi: Water is the source of life on earth, but swimming would kill me. The life of a cyborg is ironic indeed. Therefore I now shall pontificate tediously for many long, dull minutes. I will also quote scripture.

Batou: Oh no! You've been cyber-hacked by Studio GAINAX!

Puppet Master: Hello, I request diplomatic immunity. Unless I'm kidnapped first. Whoops!

Batou: We must capture the Puppet Master's captors.

Batou: By the way Kusanagi, why does your character design look so masculine? I keep forgetting you're female.

Kusanagi: Then I guess I'd better take off my clothes again.

Batou: Nudity is nice and all, but maybe body armor would have been a better idea.

Puppet Master: >kusanaggi, m/f?

Kusanagi: >lol, Puppet Master: f

Puppet Master: >wanna go cyber?

Kusanagi: >ok d00d

Batou: While you were having a dirty chat session with the Puppet Master, I saved your sorry butt, Kusanagi.

Kusanagi: >Batou: thx

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